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What is Jeremy?

Jeremy speaking at the University of Advancing Technology, Tempe AZ
Jeremy speaking at the University of Advancing Technology, Tempe AZ

A Computer Geek with over 19 years of computer and tech experience with a focus on security and privacy.

A Teacher with a talent for explaining complicated concepts in simple ways to people of all ages and technical skill levels.

An Accomplished Public Speaker who has trained thousands of people every year in technology and information safety.

An Advocate who strongly believes that tech should be easy to use and easy to understand.

What you don't know CAN hurt you

More than anything, I am someone who believes that a little education can go a long, long way. Did you know there was a lady in Oregon who lost over $400,000 to a nigerian scammer? I believe if she'd just heard about these kinds of scams earlier, she might not have become a victim.

What's My Point?

Simply put, I have a huge advantage over your standard computer user simply for the fact that I love computers. And yet, there are times when even I get suckered or make a bone-head security move.

If even I can get it wrong with as much training and experience as I have, then how is a normal person supposed to be safe? The answer is they can't. And I have a problem with that.

You Shouldn't Have to Be a Computer Expert to be Safe on a Computer

This is more than just my mantra, it's my philosophy and a way of life. I truly believe that if companies and our government weren't mired down in inefficiency and slobbering over themselves with greed and incompetence, we wouldn't have as many problems as we do.

Well, I can't make all the businesses and governing bodies do things the right way to protect people's privacy and freedom, but I can sure as heck teach you everything I can to make it much harder for the bad guys to control, manipulate, and rob you.

About This Site

Here you will find a wealth of information about computers, the Internet, and a little more. Tips that make your time more efficient, save you money, and keep you safer.

So take your time and learn a thing or two you've always wanted to know. If you don't see something you think should be here, just let me know

The wall of AWESOME!

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National OPSEC Conference

Mr. Duffy owned the room, I could have sat there for another hour and not minded. Give him more time next year.

National OPSEC Conference

1st place winner: Toastmaster's District Humorous Speech Award

"Great class! I particularly appreciated the emphasis on the need to take personal responsibility for individual actions on the internet, and the recommendations on how to do so."

National OPSEC Conference