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4th Amendment Underwear and Shirts

This isn't what it would look like though...
This isn't what it would look like though...

It'd be nice if they could post an actual picture of a backscatter scan instead of a full x-ray, but this is still pretty cool. I personally wouldn't buy one since I'd rather not be scanned at all than try to make a statement after the fact.

.... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Debt Collectors Harrass Family And Friends Thanks to Facebook

I am constantly telling people to lock down their privacy settings because if you keep this stuff visible, this kind of story becomes possible. Apparently there was a debt collector that spammed friends and family of a debtor in order to pressure her to pay.

Melanie Beacham says she fell behind on her car payment after getting sick and taking a medical leave from work. .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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TSA Scanner Political Cartoons

Check these out 🙂

Also a series of current articles and links about the issue here.

And finally a story of a pat down that’s been resurrected from 2002 by Penn of Penn and Teller.

.... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Nude Scan Photos Weren’t Supposed to be Stored – They Were

The TSA has constantly said that photos from the nudie scanners wouldn't be stored and therefore all us privacy nuts were just being paranoid.

However, when the government says "trust us" and doesn't provide either visibility or accountability, why are we wrong when we say "NO"?

Case in point: this story of nudie scanners where over 35000 photos were stored. Whoops.

To be fair, this .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Yahoo Accounts Are Easy to Hijack

There have been some high profile hacks of Sarah Palin and Grady Sizemore, but the issue here is less about Yahoo security and more about what you do with it.

Just make a Privacy Alias and use it for places that want your personal information, but don't really need it. Of course, if you use an encrypted file to store passwords, you don't have to .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Farmville Addiction Leads to Baby’s Death

Today a severely depressing story of a baby that was shaken to death for interrupting his mother's Farmville time.

A normal parent knows interruptions happen and can deal, but someone suffering from an addiction is different. They're obsessed and nothing else is as important!

The Mashable article says this:

Needless to say, it is Ms. Tobias — and not the game itself — that .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Mint Data Lets You See Anonymous Purchase Trends

I've never liked Not because they're bad at what they do (they're not), but because you have to drop your trousers to take advantage of it. So you get a little money management help, so what? You have to give away your password to do it. Not only that, Mint is (surprise, surprise) using all that juicy data you provide for their own purposes.

.... [Click here to read the rest of this post]


Australian Schools Force Fingerprint ID – To Students: Beat It With Gummi Bears

So the first problem is that Australia is in a head-to-head race with the UK to see which country can lose their freedoms first. The newest chapter in this sad saga of Australia's descent into becoming a China clone is a high school that requires fingerprint identification for students to check in.

Though the privacy violating principal foolishly thought that by tracking fingerprints he could .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Hijack A Facebook Account in One Click

Ok so maybe not ONE click. But someone has put together a simple tool that you can use to take over the active sessions of anyone within wireless range of you. Hang out at the Starbucks free wi-fi and you'll be able to control the Facebook or other accounts of people nearby. It's an attack that was always simple to do for those who know .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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TSA Pilot Refuses Naked Scanner – TSA Response

Maybe you haven't heard of this yet, but a pilot working for ExpressJet refused to use the new nudie scanners installed at his airport. They offered to pat him down instead, but according to him:

"Pat down is misleading," Roberts explained. "They concentrate on the area between the upper thighs and torso, and they're not just patting people's arms and legs, they're grabbing and groping .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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