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Equifax offering free Freezes until Nov 21st – Because they have to

Equifax (photo by Mike Stewart/AP c/o <a href=></a>)
Equifax (photo by Mike Stewart/AP c/o

According to the New York Times: Equifax reluctantly decided to make freezes free for a little while in light of their colossal blunder. It remains to be seen if they will also be issuing new PINs to those of us who already had a freeze in place. I reached out to a staff lawyer for consumers-union to ask if they had any plans to do so, but she didn't know (and didn't have any way to find out since the credit report companies avoid contact as much as possible).

I'll be looking for more details and try to get an answer, but until then I'll assume Equifax has no plans to take responsibility for their error.

Update: According to the New York times, Equifax is claiming that no PINs for current freezes were lost Tags: ,

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