Identity Theft

Chances are that you already know what ID theft is or you wouldn't be here reading this page. You already know that it's expensive, time consuming, damaging to you peace of mind, your job and marital stability, and more. What you probably don't know is that it is 90% preventable with one simple (and cheap) fix.

Hire Jeremy To Help You

Help your friends/family/coworkers learn this by having Jeremy come and teach it in person!

Why does it happen, how does it happen, and most importantly, how does one stop it?

In about 50 minutes, Jeremy will answer all these questions in his visually engaging and humorous Goodbye Identity Theft seminar.

This seminar is good for:

  • People who prefer to spend their money without the help of strangers.
  • People whose business and personal reputation is important to them.
  • People who would rather avoid the pain and hassle of cleaning up after an incident and would instead prefer to stop it before it starts.
Do you want Jeremy to explain this in person?

Learn on Your Own

I want people to have this information so I'm holding nothing back. Read pretty much everything I'd tell you anyway right here, right now if you wish!

Bonus: Who's to blame for ID theft?

How to Steal Identities - Why It's So Easy
Credit Freeze
Data Defense
Credit Monitoring
Id Theft Insurance
The Identity Theft Victim's Mini-Guide to Recovery
The Geek Privacy Principle
Nothing to Hide
Data Abuse
RFID - Radio Frequency IDentification
Privacy Alias/Persona
Data Defense
Online Addiction
The Consequences of Posting Online
Photo Safety
Tricks and Scams
Account Hijacking
Trusting Companies
Bad Passwords
Password Tips and Tricks
Password Protection
Password Mugging
Computer Security
E-mail Safety
Kids and Computers
Shopping Online
All About Warranties

The Identity Theft Victim's Mini-Guide to Recovery

If you've already experienced ID theft, here are some tips of what to do next.

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How to Stop Credit-Based ID Theft with a Credit Freeze

A credit freeze locks your credit report preventing any thieves from being able to open new accounts in your name. Your credit cards and current accounts work like they always have.

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Data Defense

One of the most important, but least understood, threats against us today is the creeping data-abuse by companies seeking to compile complete profiles on every American in order to enable "targeted marketing".

Until laws are in place to control their use of your data, learn the tips and tricks to make it harder for them while improving your identity-theft defense at the same time.

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Credit Monitoring

What is credit monitoring, why it doesn't live up to its promises, and what you can do instead.

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Id Theft Insurance

Id theft insurance is another of the many types of "services" that have been created in response to the id-theft problem. But rather than help you solve identity theft, it generally helps the insurance company transfer money from you to them.

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How to Steal Identities - Why It's So Easy

Just why is it so easy to steal identities? Where is all this information coming from!?

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