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Razer Puts Me On Edge

I've been doing this for a while… the whole "computer thing". I've owned quite a few, I've worked on quite a few, I know people who have quite a few. Today, I found something entirely new.

You see, I had a Microsoft Intellimouse and, though I have many problems with the way they run their business, their mice are hardy and work well. Sadly, my mouse finally died after many, many years and I decided it was time to try something new and shiny. Considering the work I do, I thought I would spring for a bit of a performance model (though still simple) and that's when I found the Razer Deathadder Chroma.

Good features, simple design, fun glowy bits… it worked for me!

So it arrived and who doesn't love opening a new toy? When I plugged it in, it asked if I should download the drivers, but… no… it couldn't be serious? It wanted me to sign up first? I hunted around for several minutes and it was true. I wasn't allowed to use my new mouse without signing up and begging Razer for permission first.

Bottom Line

Plugging in the mouse did allow me to set basic mouse settings. It functioned… it rotated colors… I was even able to use one of the side mouse buttons for going "back" in my web browser. But if I were to be able to set custom colors, custom buttons, or use the high-DPI functions that were promised, I'd have to let Razor choose when I access my settings and when I didn't. Even now, if I open the settings, Razer's pretty login screen stands quietly in my way, waiting for me to log in and ask if I can pretty-please change my own mouse settings.

Thank you Razer for the padded helmet and guide-rails. I sure wouldn't want to hurt myself or my computer by using a mouse.

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