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Warning! Spoilers ahead!


In the movie, DNA determines your value. This has many consequences:


By showing how segregated and shallow society becomes when DNA is used to establish social status, this movie is an excellent way to describe to others why DNA must remain something that is private just like your medical conditions and exact placement of all the moles on your body. These are just things that no one has the right to know.

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Gattica - What the world could be like if people are judged entirely on their DNA.
V for Vendetta - A dramatization of a future where the UK is ruled by a vicious dictator and freedom is a thing of the past.
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Gattica is a movie that illustrates the danger of what the future could be like if everyone knew everything about people's DNA and judged them based on it.

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V for Vendetta

In the not too distant future, the UK is ruled by a ruthless dictator. Individual freedoms and liberties are a thing of the past. But a mysterious hero rises to lead people to a brighter future.

[Click for full description]

Enemy of the State

Government power can turn to abuse at a moment's notice. Never forget it.

[Click for full description]

Minority Report

In the future, crime can be predicted and justice dealt before it ever happens.

[Click for full description]

The Island

The people who survived on Earth all live together in an underground society, but the lucky ones are taken to "the island", never to return.

[Click for full description]