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One of my favorite seminars. Very informative and animated.

National OPSEC Conference

Very energetic speaker. Extremely knowledgeable. Great presentation. I've learned so much during this conference. Attended two of his lectures and enjoyed both.

National OPSEC Conference

1st place winner: Toastmaster's District Humorous Speech Award
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Why invite Jeremy to speak?

Technical Expertise

This is a given… or it should be. Yet sometimes I've seen very charismatic speakers bluff their way through a topic they knew almost nothing about. If you've ever seen the same, rest assured, I have both the degrees and years of experience you'd expect from a technical professional. However, I believe true expertise lies beyond your paper credentials.

The reason that we're called "computer geeks" is that it's not just a job or even a hobby, it's a passion; it's part of who we are. Why else would anyone spend thousands of hours of their own time sitting in front a computer writing code, playing with virtual computing, building and modifying web systems? For me computers aren't a tool, they are a way of life.

Speaking Skill

You may have noticed that computer geeks aren't always the most clear-spoken individuals and yet they're sometimes selected to represent organizations at conferences and events. Though brilliant, the information they present often goes far over the heads of those listening or their presentation so stiff and dry that it's a struggle to stay awake.

Unlike many geeks, I enjoy speaking and teaching. I've spoken at military bases, businesses, universities, and government facilities like the State Department, the FBI, and the Pentagon to crowds as small as twenty and as large as five hundred. Each time my goal is to entertain while also leaving my audience with new ideas and skills to improve their personal security and safety.


Expertise and speaking skill are both important, but I believe that it's a driving purpose that makes great speakers great. In my case, it has long been my mission to help people become better defended against technology risks. That's why my success criteria is whether the information I shared have a tangible and lasting impact on the lives of my audience. Every time I speak, it's my goal to make the world a better place.

Please read about my prepared topics below

Goodbye Identity Theft (50 minutes)

ID theft is a heartbreaking crime. Someone hasn't just attacked your material possessions or bank accounts, they've attacked your very being. In response the government publishes weak and incomplete advice while sketchy businesses offer "protection services" that do very little. Invite me to speak, and I will teach your audience how they can truly take control and reduce ID theft risk.

Six Ways to Destroy Yourself Online (60 minutes)

When repairing a screen-door, you may not have time to fix everything so it's sensible to patch the biggest holes first. Likewise, Internet safety is too big a topic for an hour-long seminar, but we can still cover some of the biggest holes. In this talk, I cover risk-mitigation during common online activities such as posting online, uploading photos, and using web-services. Originally designed with students in mind, this talk has helped people of all ages and backgrounds to avoid Internet threats.

CTRL-Z – How to Reclaim Your Privacy From the Internet (50 minutes)

Once you learn more about the ways that over-exposure online can put you at risk, you may wonder if it's too late or not. Rest assured, it's not. Using reputation management techniques, I will show you how it may not always be true that once posted you can never get it back!

Passwords and Authentication Bootcamp (50 minutes)

If someone uses employee credentials to access your building or computer network, it could quickly become a disaster. Similarly, no employee wants some thief masquerading as them when they commit crimes. This session will teach both risks and countermeasures of biometrics, keys, and passwords that are used to access buildings and computer systems.

Didn't see what you were looking for?

Every article, every video, every topic you see on this page is something that could make a good talk for your organization. Just contact me if you have a request and we'll discuss what kind of presentation works best for you!

"Fantastic course!!! It should absolutely be mandatory for all federal employees even if their job doesn't directly deal with the web. Great use of photos and multimedia video clips."
Class attendee
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