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Invite Jeremy To Speak

Jeremy holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in computer science and has spent literally thousands of hours working on computers by choice because it's what he likes to do. Jeremy is also an award winning public speaker who began his career in sales and customer service where he learned how to explain complicated concepts in easy-to-understand ways.

As a rare individual who understands technology from the geek perspective while also possessing both the skill and strong desire to help others learn, Jeremy, a.k.a. The Geek Professor ® will help your audience understand the risks of computers, the Internet, and the information they hold.

Prepared topics:

Goodbye Identity Theft (50 minutes)

Identity theft is an information management problem. This seminar will teach your attendees a little about how identity theft happens but mostly how to stop it before it ever starts (and without paying anyone a monthly "protection fee" either).

6 Ways to Destroy Yourself Online (60 minutes)

Designed for active users of the Internet (but especially useful for teens and college students), this briefing will show you the six major pitfalls of using the Internet (before it's too late).

CTRL-Z – How to Reclaim Your Privacy From the Internet (50 minutes)

Once you've learned about the data out there you didn't post or the data you did post but now understand is a risk to you, learn how to reduce or completely remove it from the Internet

Passwords and Authentication Bootcamp (50 minutes)

If someone uses employee credentials to access your building or computer network, it could quickly become a disaster. Similarly, no employee wants some thief masquerading as them when they commit crimes. This session will teach both risks and countermeasures of biometrics, keys, and passwords.

Custom presentations

This website is full of information about protecting people from technology, corrupt businesses, and inept government (just see the listing of topics at the bottom of the page). Most anything you see here is something I can talk about to your audience.

If you read something that you would like me to explain in person to your audience, just contact me so we can discuss the details.

The wall of AWESOME!

Excellent presentation! Lively and informative. Would love to have him come to the site to give his presentation.

National OPSEC Conference

Jeremy speaks with students at the University of Advancing Technology, Tempe AZ

One of my favorite seminars. Very informative and animated.

National OPSEC Conference

"Jeremy presented the topic on a personnel level. He speaks from experience and has vast knowledge on his subject. He does not speak down to the audience nor does he assume that we should know what he is presenting. "

National OPSEC Conference