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One of my favorite seminars. Very informative and animated.

National OPSEC Conference

1st place winner: Toastmaster's District Humorous Speech Award
Jeremy speaks with students at the University of Advancing Technology, Tempe AZ
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What makes a great speaker great?

Education? Experience? Humor? Is it possible to have them all? With Jeremy, it is.

A firm believer in the value of edu-tainement it's is Jeremy's goal to not only inform, but engage. By using interesting, exceptional, and above-all relevant examples, Jeremy will not only keep your audience's attention, but will leave them with new skills and ways of thinking that will last a lifetime!

See the passion and drive that led Jeremy to consistently be one of the top-rated speakers at events at the FBI, State Department, Pentagon, and various military bases and companies from Florida to Alaska and everywhere in-between!

Goodbye Identity Theft (50 minutes)

With a little understanding, the ID theft problem becomes much more manageable! In less than an hour, Jeremy will share with your audience the points where their information is at risk and, more importantly, how to prevent ID theft from ever happening.

Six Critical Tips for Online Safety (60 minutes)

This brief explains six of the most important safety tips everyone should know to be safe online: Share carefully, protect your photos, avoid common tricks, protecting online accounts, limiting profile information, and web addiction prevention.

CTRL-Z – How to Reclaim Your Privacy From the Internet (50 minutes)

When you make the decision to reduce your online exposure, what do you do? This talk will show you how it may not always be true that once posted you can never get it back!

Passwords and Authentication Bootcamp (50 minutes)

If someone uses employee credentials to access your building or computer network, it could quickly become a disaster. Similarly, no employee wants some thief masquerading as them when they commit crimes. This session will teach both risks and countermeasures of biometrics, keys, and passwords.

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"Jeremy was an excellent presenter who knew his topic and kept the audience engaged. I enjoyed this presentation so much, that I rearranged my schedule to take other classes offered by Jeremy."
National OPSEC Conference
How to Steal Identities - Why It's So Easy
Credit Freeze
Data Defense
Credit Monitoring
Id Theft Insurance
The Identity Theft Victim's Mini-Guide to Recovery
The Geek Privacy Principle
Nothing to Hide
Data Abuse
RFID - Radio Frequency IDentification
Privacy Alias/Persona
Data Defense
Online Addiction
The Consequences of Posting Online
Photo Safety
Tricks and Scams
Account Hijacking
Trusting Companies
Bad Passwords
Password Tips and Tricks
Password Protection
Password Mugging
Computer Security
E-mail Safety
Kids and Computers
Shopping Online
All About Warranties