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Super Time!

Hey! What's with the super suit!?

It's time for my super City of Heroes ® time card giveaway!

I have more than sixteen years worth of City of Heroes time codes to give away so I've decided to promote myself in the process. Here's how you can earn one:

Step 1

Check out Read the very short description of what I'm trying to do then either click the links there or check out this short Youtube video to learn how identity theft protection SHOULD be done (without paying any monthly fees). Go to Step 2.

Step 2: Help me promote credit report freezes

Everyone would be safer against ID theft if they'd just lock their credit reports, but almost no one is telling people they have this option (not the Federal Trade Commission, not so-called ID theft experts, and definitely not those "ID theft protection services"). So I'll do it. I will tell the world if I get the chance.

If you can help me get exposure via news sites, TV or radio shows, or anything else you can think of, you'll get cards in return:

  • National TV

    Connect me with the right people with Ellen, Dr. Phil, Good Morning America or similar and you get a 60 day card just for making the connection. If you can get me on the show or your efforts lead to it, you get whatever I have left and the contest is over. Obviously if you do this early in the contest, that could be a LOT of free game time.

  • Other publicity

    Major website coverage like Reddit, or another high-traffic site? National Radio? The sky's the limit. I don't know what would work best so I leave it to your imagination. Let me know what you have in mind and I can tell you what it's worth. The basic idea is that the more you help me spread the word (and raise some publicity), the better for both of us!

34 remaining
92 remaining

LEGAL STUFF: These are working timecards good for US players of City of Heroes/Villains. I've been using them for over a year personally so I know they work. I have no affiliation to NCsoft or the makers of City of Heroes, but these are legitimate surplus time cards from a site closure that I was a part of. Sadly, how much time you earn compared to any activity you may perform is solely at my discretion. If you can think of something to do that you believe is worth timecards of any amount that's not listed here, or it's an activity that's similar to one posted, but not exactly, ASK ME FIRST

3 Comments to “Super Time!”

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Lydia Silver says:

Thought I would let you know that I put a link to your blog and your video to Ellen DeGeneres’ facebook page. I also found a link to where you can tell her why you would make a great guest…

Hoping all this helps, and good luck!

    I already applied to be on the show (I might have accidentally done it twice 🙂 ). Thanks for the link… how did you do that? Anyone can post to Ellen’s FB page?

    Do you happen to have the link? I’d love to see the responses (if any).

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