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Jsearch – WordPress Multiple Category, Tag, and Term Search

Because WordPress didn't make it possible to search multiple categories, I did it myself. It took several tries, different versions, with different approaches and hundreds of hours over the course of several years, but the plugin has become fast, functional, and effective!

See for yourself!

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The Newest Version

About Jsearch Version 2 - Leaner interface, custom-built query that handles all the hard searches that WP doesn't.
Jsearch Tutorial - For site visitors and users of Jsearch to learn (very quickly) how to USE the Jsearch interface.
Jsearch Setup - Download and learn how to install and customize Jsearch here. For site administrators who want to use Jsearch on their site.

Older Versions (for historical purposes)

Version 1 - Jquery enabled and functional, but awkward to use in some ways.

7 Comments to “Jsearch – WordPress Multiple Category, Tag, and Term Search”

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Hi there-

Is this plugin still available? I can’t find it. 🙁

    Click the link for Jsearch Version 2 and the download link should be right in there. I haven’t modified or supported this in a while, but it should still work.

I need to make changes to the search result so as the result appears in ascending order of date.
presently the result published is taking the oldest dated post on top whereas I need the recently updated post to be on the top.

kindly help me ASAP.

Thank you

Hi there!

I really could not find the plug in on WP.
Where can I download it anyway?

It is the only one that could solve my issue.

Many thanks!

Hi Jeremy

A long while ago I modified jSearch to use on a website for a small company I was working for. I was in contact a few times while I was trying to do this, and you helped me out a bit then and in return we made some donations to help fund your work.

Since then something has gone a bit wrong with it and they’ve asked me (I no longer work there) to see if I can fix it for a fee. I’m thin on time and well and truly out of practice with the web development stuff so I was wondering if you were interested in taking on the job.

There are two problems as far as I can tell, one has been ongoing a while, the other more recent. The more recent problem, which is the urgent one is that whilst the results page is showing a number of results, it isn’t actually displaying them. The older problem (which I guess isn’t really a problem currently, considering the bigger newer problem) is that only the older entries are displaying alphabetically. Everything new is just going to the end of the list.

I did look at the alphabetical problem a while back and couldn’t figure it out (I didn’t go too deep into it though). I haven’t looked at the not showing the results problem at all.

Anyway, if you’re interested in earning some (hopefully quick) cash let me know via email. Give me a rough quote on what you’ll charge to do it and I’ll ask the old boss if she’s happy for you to handle it. Otherwise I guess I’ll try to re-familiarise myself with all that confusing PHP stuff!

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