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Finally Found a Comfortable Pillow Solution – Shredded Memory Foam Chimera!

Shredded memory foam! Finally something that works!
(See online!)

When you can put enough aside to afford it, a key purchase is your pillow. It's something you use every night and affects how sore and damaged you become during the weirdly dangerous act of sleeping (being over 40, yay!)

So I put my money to the test and, after research, bought each option in the "Cervical .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Blair’s Jalapeno Death Sauce – Who knew hotsauce could be good?

Not just good; the best I've every tasted
(See online!)

With the weird macho BS surrounding hot sauces, it took me well into my thirties to finally realize that it's all silly bluster. When they say "hot enough to burn the hair off your future descendents", it's just juvenile posing. Grr! Death! Kill! Murder! RAR!

I can't even remember what led me to try this, but .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Razer DeathAdder Chroma Review – Should have been great but wasn’t

Razer, a name that you should be able to trust.
(See online!)

I've used a Microsoft Intellimouse for about 10 years but it finally gave up the ghost. I researched and posted in various forums to determine some good mice that were simple, comfortable, had good performance, and weren't LOUD. The Razer DeathAdder Chroma fits all those requirements well. It's good performance, has a smooth scrollwheel, .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

Psychological Warfare Retailers Use Against Their Customers

(Image is in the Public Domain)

Today I found this great infographic outlining several of the psychological tricks companies use to manipulate your spending. The best defense against this kind of thing is awareness. Make sure you know the basics and don't fall for their lies.

.... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Final Fantasy 15 – A beautifully rendered disappointment

Final Fantasy XV - PlayStation 4: Square Enix LLC: Video Games
(See online!)
.... [Click here to read the rest of this post]
For full disclosure, FFX and 7 were my favorites, 9 and 12 were decent, 13 was barely playable, and 8 was my least favorite. If that lineup doesn't match yours, my review may not mean much to you. Fair warning

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Beware the Targus XL 617 Backpack – It’s not what it used to be

don't believe their lies... this post shows the old (awesome) backpack, but they ship you the new (lame) one instead
(See online!)

When I had some extra cash for the first time in basically ever, I splurged and bought myself a big, honking gaming laptop (whee!). The main problem with it was finding something to carry it in, but at the time there was a pretty .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Adventures in splurging for a “nice” vacuum cleaner – The Shark that melted

Our Shark NV803 Duoclean -- I call him "Melty"

If I were to describe my history with vacuum cleaners, it would be "struggle". We have no long-haired pets (unless you count children) and we don't have a ton of carpets. If I'm being honest, we don't use the vacuum near as often as we probably should. What I mean to say is that we're not .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Dominos – For your pasta, shame on you

Given how bad Pizza Hut has become, Dominos has been my go-to. I like the pizza and breadsticks, but what I don't like is getting ripped off.

One of my kids prefers pasta so we order with every pizza night, but when we do, we get this. every. time:

Example 1
Example 2

Dominos can put as much pasta in .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Did you know you can lift the armrest on the aisle seats on American? You should.

I saw a flight attendant do it and had to know the secret. It turns out there’s a button hiding in the “armpit” of the armrest that let’s you life the thing out of the way making boarding and departing far easier (and less snaggy). It seems like this would be more common knowledge, but since it isn’t I wanted to spread the word.

Rather than post pictures, here’s a .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

Today, I Solve The Airline Industry

American Airlines
(Image used under: Creative Commons 2.0 [SRC])

It seems that the Airlines haven't managed to hire enough problem-solvers to handle the various issues they face on a daily basis. They suffer from slow boarding, irritable customers and employees, and, of course, reduced profits due to the above. Since I have about 20 minutes of time available, I thought I'd lend a hand .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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