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Mint Data Lets You See Anonymous Purchase Trends

I've never liked Mint.com. Not because they're bad at what they do (they're not), but because you have to drop your trousers to take advantage of it. So you get a little money management help, so what? You have to give away your password to do it. Not only that, Mint is (surprise, surprise) using all that juicy data you provide for their own purposes.

.... [Click here to read the rest of this post]


Australian Schools Force Fingerprint ID – To Students: Beat It With Gummi Bears

Gummi Bear
(Image is in the Public Domain)

So the first problem is that Australia is in a head-to-head race with the UK to see which country can lose their freedoms first. The newest chapter in this sad saga of Australia's descent into becoming a China clone is a high school that requires fingerprint identification for students to check in.

Though the privacy violating principal foolishly thought .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Hijack A Facebook Account in One Click

(Image used under: Creative Commons 2.0 [SRC])

Ok so maybe not ONE click. But someone has put together a simple tool that you can use to take over the active sessions of anyone within wireless range of you. Hang out at the Starbucks free wi-fi and you'll be able to control the Facebook or other accounts of people nearby. It's an attack that was always simple .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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TSA Pilot Refuses Naked Scanner – TSA Response

Tsa Groping
(Image is in the Public Domain)

Maybe you haven't heard of this yet, but a pilot working for ExpressJet refused to use the new nudie scanners installed at his airport. They offered to pat him down instead, but according to him:

"Pat down is misleading," Roberts explained. "They concentrate on the area between the upper thighs and torso, and they're not just patting .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Farmville Spys on You

(Image used under: Creative Commons 2.0 [SRC])

This is not surprising.

"Apps" are pieces of software that let Facebook's 500 million users play games or share common interests with one another. The Journal found that all of the 10 most popular apps on Facebook were transmitting users' IDs to outside companies.

The apps, ranked by research company Inside Network Inc. (based on .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Government Databases are Dangerous to Privacy – Well Duh!

(Image is in the Public Domain)

Why on Earth would anyone be surprised that when someone has access to a lot of sensitive data about people they know, they'd be tempted to look at it? Check out this story outlining several recent cases of government workers peeping on people with government databases.

Creation of government databases should be limited. Any that are legitimately created must be .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Great Money Advice

(Image used under: Creative Commons 2.0 [SRC])

Today I found some great and solid advice from "TheSimpleDollar.com" about managing money the right way. I agree with most of this though I wonder about the advice of investing before paying off bills. If your interest rates of debts are always higher than those of investments, it seems you're spending more than you're gaining.

Shouldn't you pay off .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Facebook Yanks Your Phone Contacts Out of Your iPhone with App

(Image used under: Creative Commons 2.0 [SRC])

Rule number 1: don't trust Facebook or any other marketer with your information. Anything you provide should be carefully researched to see how safe it is then provided only after deciding what risk you face.

Rule number 2: don't use automated processes to share information without even MORE careful research.

Breaking both rules is a new app .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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DC Online Voting Halted Due to Hackers

(Image is in the Public Domain)

From the Washington Post:

Last week, the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics opened a new Internet-based voting system for a weeklong test period, inviting computer experts from all corners to prod its vulnerabilities in the spirit of "give it your best shot." Well, the hackers gave it their best shot -- and midday Friday, the trial period .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Yet Another Facebook Concern: Places

Let Facebook know location? Not a good idea
(Image used under: Creative Commons 2.0 [SRC])

I can't imagine broadcasting my current location to the world. There are so many risks that I don't even know where to begin. If you like this feature, good luck and godspeed. Hopefully you don't get robbed, stalked, or worse. The point is that your risk is higher when strangers know your .... [Click here to read the rest of this post]

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Password Mugging

A disturbing new practice among websites and services is where they ask you for your user name and password to other sites. I call this "Password Mugging"

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