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Goodbye Identity Theft

The Bad News

Bottom line, ID Theft is a low risk crime with only two steps:

  1. Get someone's data
  2. Use the data

Now I have goods, services, and special accesses, but you get all the consequences. Worst of all, government entities responsible for protecting you don't and companies make more money on ID Theft than they lose. There's no one looking out for you; you're on your own.

The Good News

Until now, you've been given incomplete or bad advice for how to respond to ID Theft risks, but that changes today. I will give you the bottom-line basics you need to make informed decisions; i.e., which defenses actually work and which are just snake oil pitched by ID Theft profiteers.

Let's get started!

Learning styles vary greatly so the material is available in two formats: video and text. The videos are intended as a high-level overview for covering ground quickly while the text version will have numerous inline references to sources and examples to give you a deeper understanding the the material. Use either or both to learn the material in the way that works for you!

Your access to this content is extended as a courtesy to the family members of your personal household. Feel free to share this with them as well!

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