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Resources for “Goodbye Identity Theft”

Below you will find any related videos, major links, downloadable documents or other resources related to this course.

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Video summaries

The following videos are very high-level summaries of the course information which you can use to help educate your family (feel free to share course content or access with people in your immediate family). They are very short to encourage people to watch them without becoming overwhelmed.

The mini-guide/overview of the ID Theft issue. If you want to highest level (but also quickest) summary of the issue, this is it.
What are fraud alerts, what do they really do, and why they don't work.
Monitoring, where credit companies will charge you money for what should be a free service.
Insurance plans with their various other "services" tacked on to sound legit are more marketing than effective.
The most effective and powerful defense against Credit ID Theft that there is, but that you probably haven't even heard of.
If you change how you think of privacy and start limiting the spread of your data, your risks of ID Theft and other similar problems naturally goes down.

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