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Dominos – For your pasta, shame on you

Given how bad Pizza Hut has become, Dominos has been my go-to. I like the pizza and breadsticks, but what I don't like is getting ripped off.

One of my kids prefers pasta so we order with every pizza night, but when we do, we get this. every. time:

Example 1
Example 2

Dominos can put as much pasta in their tins as they want and they can charge as much as they want, but what they can't do is give us the pathetic display above when what they advertise is this:

Dominos menu 20190928

And now… ENHANCE.

Nearly full. Nothing like any pasta I've ever seen from Dominos

I have never once recieved or seen a pasta from Dominos that has even close to the pictured amount of pasta. When we open it, it's half-full at best and we have to decide if we're going to complain and make one of their poor delivery people come all the way out to give us a second half-empty pasta or just let it go.

I'm generally a happy customer when it comes to Dominos, but being shorted over a $5 pasta dish over and over for years gets a little aggravating. Shame on you Dominos.

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