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For anyone that's worked in any company or organization for a period of time, the "reply-all" snafu is nothing we haven't seen before. Someone first sends out an e-mail to a giant list of people. Then one of those recipients who intended only to reply to the person who sent it, hits reply-all instead.

Lets be very clear about this: reply-all sends your reply to EVERYONE who is listed on the "to" or "cc" lines of an e-mail. Imagine you get an e-mail talking about an upcoming meeting that goes to you and about 10 other people. You want to send the originator of the e-mail a message like this:


Why did you include Sally on this e-mail? You know she's lazy and won't get anything done.

So, if you hit "reply", your snide comment goes to just who you intended. If, however, you hit "reply-all", everyone on the original e-mail will see it (including Sally). Whoops.

Correct Use

This doesn't get any simpler: if you intend to only reply to the person who sent an e-mail, click the reply button. If you specifically intend to send your response to the person who sent you the message, but ALSO to everyone else who was on the message, hit reply-all.

E-mail Dangers

Until we find out who the people are who actually buy things from spammers and kick them off the Internet, you're going to have to learn how to deal with and prevent spam.
E-mail Viruses - Learn how viruses are spread through e-mail and how to stop them
Phishing - Spot and avoid lures that pull you into the dark side of the web
Don't be one of those people that loses thousands of dollars to the classic Nigerian Scam.

E-mail Etiquette

Use CC only when necessary and BCC the rest of the time.
Use Reply-All when you mean to and never when you don't.
Practice proper E-mail Forwarding to protect privacy and make e-mails more readable.
Always personalize your e-mails to make it obvious to your recipient that it's valid.

E-mail Tips and Tricks

Using E-Mail Aliases Properly - Be careful about using sensitive data (like your real name) in an e-mail account.
Remember to treat your e-mail account with the security it deserves.
Use a decoy e-mail account to keep your main e-mail account free of spam.
Avoid using any Internet provider's default e-mail.

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