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Want to Hire Jeremy?

It's frustrating, but true. People will listen to strangers before they'll listen to you.

It's a sad fact that people you know (friends, family, co-workers) will ignore the warnings you give them because it's you that told them. But as soon as a stranger who has the perceived authority arrives and tells the the same things you've always said, suddenly they say "Wow! Why didn't I ever hear this before!"

You can't fight it because it's human nature, but you can use it to your advantage. I can be that guy for you. Whether you're looking for consultation, seminar speaking or classes, I tell your people what needs to be told and do so in a friend, engaging way.


Here are some prepared seminars I have available. Feel free to click the links for more information or use the form below to contact me now.


Several classes are currently under development so check back soon!


Consultations vary depending on the need so please give me an idea of what your needs are using the contact form below





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