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Internet Safety

This guide is not about how to keep your computer safe FROM the Internet or about how to be safe from emails from the Internet but is instead a listing of tips, tricks, and advice how to be safe when using the Internet and Internet services.

Hire Jeremy To Help You

Help your friends/family/coworkers learn this by having Jeremy come and teach it in person!

This is a HUGE topic and you can read and read and read until you learn enough or you can have Jeremy come explain it in person. In the How to Destroy Yourself Online seminar, Jeremy explains the 6 biggest mistakes people make online and how not to be one of those people (in about 60 minutes).

This seminar is good for:

  • People who know what the Internet is.
  • People who don't know what the Internet is.
  • People who don't know what the Internet is, but want to.
  • People who don't know what the Internet is and don't want to, but probably will have to sooner or later.

Ok, to be straight, it's good for anyone who spends a lot of time online or knows people who do. Especially for students and relatives of students who grew up with the Internet, but have never been trained of the dangers.

Do you want Jeremy to explain this in person?

Learn on Your Own

I want people to have this information so I'm holding nothing back. Read pretty much everything I'd tell you anyway right here, right now if you wish!

General Safety

Account Protection

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Online Addiction

Concerned about online addiction? You should be. Learn the types, the signs, and the preventions.

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The Consequences of Posting Online

It's fun to post online. What you think, what you feel. But words typed and posted on the Internet can come back to bite you more than anything you could say with your mouth.

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Tricks and Scams

Just because you won't willing give up data doesn't mean that I can't trick you out of it. Don't fall for these well known tricks!

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Account Creation Tips

When you create an account with an online site, you should know a few things first.

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Account Hijacking

One of the newest threats we face is the risk of someone getting control of your online account and using it against you and the people you know. Do everything you can to prevent that from happening!

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Using HTTPS For Secure Login and Payment Online

Making online accounts is useful and fun, but doesn't mean much if someone can capture your login information and use it against you. Make sure to use this simple trick to prevent that from happening.

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