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Tricks and Scams

There are lots of tricks that bad guys use. I won't get into the reasons why people go to these lengths to trick innocent people (though money and rationalization are the short answers). More importantly, you need to be aware of the common scams so you don't fall for them like that lady in Oregon who lost $400,000 in a Nigerian scam!

Click the highlighted titles below to research each of these major scam varieties.

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2 Comments to “Tricks and Scams”

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The “fake alerts” can be avoided if you’re the administrator on your computer. Give everyone else limited accounts, and set a password for the admin account. It’s also recommended by many security people that you yourself don’t use the admin account (or root if you’re a Linux user).

    Good point Alfred. Note that the titles are links to far more in-depth articles, but I forgot to mention that anyway so thanks for the reminder!

How do you use credit if someone has lifelock

    I’m not sure I understand your question, but Lifelock doesn’t do anything that would prevent someone from using or gaining credit that I’m aware of. In other words, use of Lifelock doesn’t affect credit.

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