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John Oliver’s Breakdown of Data Brokering – What it is, why you should care, and a small side-order of Congressional blackmail

Of course John didn't actually blackmail anyone, but he made a valid point that sometimes the only way for things to get done is for Congress to feel the problem actually affects them. To prove his point of how vile and dangerous unregulated data-brokering is, he used completely legal and commonly used techniques to get data about several members of Congress with a vague threat that if they were worried about what he found, they really ought to consider passing laws to prevent the kind of data gathering he used.

This video should be required watching for every US Citizen because data brokering is dangerous. If you need any proof, well… that's what the video is for (but you can also look at the ID Theft crisis which was almost entirely caused by data brokering).Tags: , ,

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