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Seminars and briefings

Need the perfect talk for a conference or training event? I've worked with groups as small as the local Girl Scout troop and audiences of more than 500 at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). As a strong believer in edu-tertainment, I use relevant and interesting examples to help your audience become better protected against today's tech risks. [Click to learn more]

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Search skills, online purchasing and research, confidential information protection… what are the skills you wish your people had? In as little as an hour and a half, attendees of my workshops will become more technically proficient while reducing your organizational risks at the same time! [Click to learn more]

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Which phones should you use? Which online services can be trusted? Which software is safe and which isn't? What are the best practices for information security? Let me share with you the tools and methods that keep your information risks low. [Click to learn more]

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