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Privacy Policy

It really wouldn't behoove a privacy advocate to violate visitors' privacy would it? I'm not going to capture any data that's not specifically necessary for this page to function and, for the most part, unless you leave a comment or otherwise interact with the page beyond simply reading what you see, I won't know anything beyond whatever my web server captures for traffic analysis.

One way that some websites track you is through "cookies" which just means they store some data on your computer that they can read any time you return to the same website. I do that too, but only as much as is necessary for the page to work.

Terms of Service

This site has a wealth of useful information that can be used to better protect yourself against abusive business and government practices. In return for this information, I ask only that you respect my copyrights, be respectful in comments and when contacting me, and definitely spread the word (tell other people if my site was useful to you)!

I am not a lawyer. If you have a real legal problem, find real legal help.

Please remember that just because I describe a particular situation in one place and time, doesn't mean that it will work the same way for you. Even if my article appears to suggest a course of action, I can't be responsible for the decisions you make. I am not a legal authority in any way. Do not misconstrue tips, tricks, or methods described here as legal advice.

Advertising Policy

See my Ad Policy page for more details.

Copyright Policy

Everything I've produce is Copyright © by Jeremy Duffy and I reserve all rights barring written exception. I do, however, encourage you to share the information you find here orally or through printouts of one or two articles as long as they are clearly marked with our web address so the recipients/readers of those printouts can find the source page. When in doubt, just ask and I can tell you what kinds of use of my information is OK.

Copyright is important to me and I make every reasonable effort to respect the copyright of others. Any use of copyrighted works without permission is purely accidental and will be immediately rectified when discovered.

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