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Q: How does my first Pizza Hut pizza rate after a six-year haitus? A: Not good.

Well... that's no good.
(Image copyright Jeremy Duffy)

Several years back, we noticed that my son was having an adverse reaction to Pizza Hut pizza (he puked every night after eating their food) so we stopped buying it. Since then we've been primarily a Domino's family and it's been fine, but I remember really liking Pizza Hut once and when a new store moved into the shopping center across the street, I figured it was time to try again.

To make it a fair test, I got the same pizza I always order (with pineapple of course) and a side of garlic knots (just to make the test complete). I figured even if it wasn't the same, at least I had pizza and there's no bad pizza…

(Image used under: Creative Commons 2.0 [SRC])

So I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

The regular crust is basically some kind of sweet and fluffy white bread baked on one side in a thick layer of oil. There was almost no sauce on it and what was there thin and lacking in flavor. Basically, it tasted like an oily tomato-cheese donut.

As for the garlic knots, the bread is the same donut-texture and I could barely taste any garlic. The "marinara" sauce (and I can't stress the finger-quotes enough here) was a soupy ketchup-like substance with a few tiny leaves of basil or oregano in it (for authenticity I suppose).

I hoping to eat part of it for dinner and save some for the next day's lunch, but I ended up giving it to the kids instead (it does rate a little higher than the pizza they serve for school lunches… though that's not a high bar to exceed). Thinking back, their pizza has always been this way, but having taken a break for so long made the difference much clearer. There was a time I could tolerate it; I might have even liked it, but from now on I'll go with someone else… anyone else – I think that might be the last Pizza Hut I eat.

Note: This is not a paid review, I just legitimately tried Pizza Hut again after a long break and regretted my choice.
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