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Manufacturer Warranties

Before you can understand extended warranties, you should know what you get for free. Most product manufacturers warranty their products against defect for a set duration which begins from the time of first purchase. During the warranty period, if the product does not function as intended, the manufacturer will provide for repair or replacement.

The coverage

Use of the warranty

Assuming you have a product that is no longer functioning properly that is still under warranty, you will need to find a copy of your receipt and warranty statement (both of which you should have kept filed away for just such an occasion). Check the warranty statement for details, but the most common ways to use your warranty are:

In closing

Why even consider an extended warranty before knowing what the manufacturer gives you for free?

Remember that products usually have their own warranties when you are presented with the option of buying extra warranty coverage. Some products have warranties 3 years or longer! Some credit cards have a feature where any product you buy with them have their warranty coverage automatically doubled.

Also remember that to make a warrany work, you have to remember that you have it. When it starts to act up, don't throw it away or sell it like many people do, go to your file cabinet (or find the scanned copy in your computer) and get your original reciept and warranty information (you did keep them right?) Then just follow directions for getting your coverage.


Just because a warranty is long or extended by your credit card doesn't mean much if the coverage is weak. Are there many exclusions? How do you get the warranty work done? What portion do you pay for vs what they cover?

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First, always learn what coverage you get for free from the manufacturer.
When offered an extended warranty, make sure you understand the basics.
They want you to buy it, but is it as easy to use as they say?
Know beforehand what circumstances and terms put the purchase of a warranty in your favor
Once you need to use the warranty, make sure you know the steps to take.
Finally, learn why you should even bother with this mess.
Now it's time to make the decision of whether to buy or not.

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