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An advertisement is a random product pushed in your face in the hopes that it's something you'll want or something they can trick you into wanting. You'll find none of that here.

If I haven't seen a movie, I don't recommend it. If I don't use a product, I won't support it. If I don't like a website, I don't say that I do.

This site only deals in actual recommendations and endorsements and not random ads so if you're interested in something I endorse, please click the links below.

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Goodbye Identity Theft. This course will make you tangibly safer from ID Theft today than you were yesterday.
A book about avoiding business failure by listening to your workforce.
Agifta Family Gift Registry



How to Complain for Fun and Profit


Horizon Zero Dawn - Complete Edition
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ThinkGeek Geek Merch


Newegg - Electronics store


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