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Goodbye Identity Theft – Online Course

Goodbye Identity Theft. This course will make you tangibly safer from ID Theft today than you were yesterday.

Identity theft is a huge problem, but a bigger problem is how little responsibility the large data brokers and perpetrators of negligent breaches are doing about it. Though you didn't ask to be put at risk, companies profit from credit and data-sharing practices and aren't motivated to put you first.

For the past 13 years, I've written articles, done podcasts, consulted, spoken at conferences, and tried to raise awareness in any way I can. Now, I've put together an online course containing the experiences of more than a decade of ID Theft education. I've watched the rise of the "monitoring services" and insurance scams and "dark web scanning" nonsense and now, I will show you how to apply valid risk-analysis (in an easy-to-understand way) to determine if you are throwing your money away on "security theater".


Most importantly, I will give you solid tips, tricks, and strategies for actually protecting your information based operations risk assessment skills cultivated from more than a decade of working for the Department of Defense. That combined with making you aware of your legal right to force credit reporting companies to stop selling your data to anyone they please (creditors and ID Thieves alike) make this one of the best classes you will ever take.

I will give you information that will make you tangibly safer from ID Theft today than you were yesterday. Click here to see pricing.

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