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Microsoft Surface Tablet

When I was looking for a tablet, I didn't really want a tablet as much as being able to be more portable when I do computing. I hoped I could find one that was as computer like as possible which is why I was thrilled to find out that Microsoft actually had a good option: the surface. Originally I had the Surface Pro 2 and it was good and I recently upgraded to the 6. Both provide the most important thing I'm looking for in portable computing: an actual computer.

Unlike Android or Apple tablets, the Surface Pro is an actual computer complete with a real USB3 port that you can use to plug in thumbdrives, gamepads, or anything else you can plug into a full sized computer or laptop. And, because it's a real computer, ANY software that runs on my Windows 10 main laptop runs on the Surface too. I can use all the same office or gaming software that I normally do. Granted, it's not strong enough to run some high-end stuff, but it does a dang good job and I can play many great games that are older, simpler, or allow me to turn down graphics.

Granted, it can be used by touch only, but I leave the removable keyboard/screencover on at all times and use it like a tiny laptop. At first I didn't think that would work, but the keyboard is nearly full sized and I can type on it as fast as I do any other. When I'm done taking notes or browsing, I can flip up the keyboard to put it in low power mode. It's been invaluable when traveling due to it's very tiny size and light weight. I can use it on the plane, in the airport, in class, at the conference to take notes or ACTUALLY get work done because I don't have to worry about translating my notes into my proper notekeeping software later: because the right software is already on it!

Normally, I'd be hesitant to recommend a Microsoft branded portable device, but there's nothing else that touches the Surface Pro. Not by a long shot.

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