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National OPSEC Conference

Jeremy speaks with students at the University of Advancing Technology, Tempe AZ
1st place winner: Toastmaster's District Humorous Speech Award
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How to Destroy Yourself Online

In this talk Jeremy Duffy, the Geek Professor ®, will educate you on the dangers posed by current web technologies. Designed for high-schoolers, college students, and the ones who love them (though it's good for anyone who uses the Internet with any regularity), Jeremy will cover a variety of topics particularly focusing on real-life examples of others who have lost their friends, their jobs, even their lives due to not understanding the consequences of their actions online.

Made to be fast-paced, yet understandable, Jeremy uses current, relevant examples, colorful and engaging photos, and his extensive public speaking experience to deliver information you need in the most interesting and useful way possible.

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Other than my dashing good looks and lightning charisma, you can get a great deal of the same information for free right here on my website. Job number one is making us all safer:

Talk Outline

Subject to change without notification of course.
  1. The dangers and defenses for Online Addiction.
  2. Share Carefully if at all.
  3. How to Share Photos without regrets.
  4. How to avoid Tricks and Scams.
  5. Defenses for Account Hijacking.
  6. Why Trusting Webservices is a bad, bad idea.
"Jeremy presented the topic on a personnel level. He speaks from experience and has vast knowledge on his subject. He does not speak down to the audience nor does he assume that we should know what he is presenting. "
National OPSEC Conference

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Online Addiction

Concerned about online addiction? You should be. Learn the types, the signs, and the preventions.

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The Consequences of Posting Online

It's fun to post online. What you think, what you feel. But words typed and posted on the Internet can come back to bite you more than anything you could say with your mouth.

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Photo Safety

You can reveal far more than you intended when you post a photo online. Don't make a critical mistake and check your photos before they're online.

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Tricks and Scams

Just because you won't willing give up data doesn't mean that I can't trick you out of it. Don't fall for these well known tricks!

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Account Hijacking

One of the newest threats we face is the risk of someone getting control of your online account and using it against you and the people you know. Do everything you can to prevent that from happening!

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Trusting Companies

Store, online or off, are not known for being fair and helpful unless it benefits them to be so. Good deals exist, but many are bad deals in disguise. It's not in your best interests to be too trusting with any of them.

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