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The wall of AWESOME!
Jeremy speaks with students at the University of Advancing Technology, Tempe AZ

One of the best instructors I've ever seen!

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National Defense University

1st place winner: Toastmaster's District Humorous Speech Award
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Protecting Your Identity – On and Offline

At it's root, ID theft is an information risk management problem where, due to a flaw in someone's information practices, a thief gets your data and uses it for their own benefit. Without the knowledge of how this happens and what tools you can use to block it, you're left defenseless against the thief who steals your ID or the ones who run companies that pretend to offer you "protection" that don't actually.

It would be my great honor if you allowed me to speak to your audience and teach them how to cut through the rhetoric and really protect themselves without having to pay anyone monthly "protection" fees.

Learn More First

All the same informaion you'll learn in my talk is also available here on my website. Feel free to look around and learn about protecting your ID. Then, if you believe the information I have to offer will be of benefit to other people you know. please share this site or have me come to you and show your organization directly:

Talk Outline

Subject to change without notification of course.
  1. Online Identity
  2. Protecting your online accounts – passwords, using shared computers safely.
  3. Phone and laptop safety – Locks, App safety, encryption
  4. Computer Safety
  5. Doxxing – How to find and protect your information like the attackers do.
  6. Offline Identity
  7. About non-credit identity theft
  8. Protecting against non-credit identity theft
  9. About credit based identity theft
  10. Protecting against credit identity theft
  11. A special note on credit card fraud and RFID and identity theft

Ready to go?

If you'd like to discuss the seminar for use with company security days, private events, conferences, etc., please click here. Please feel free to use any of the below resources in connection with a scheduled talk.

Supporting Materials

"You guys scored when he was hired! I have attended many OPSEC courses within the Air Force and DoD and by-far Jeremy was the best. Yes, understand he is 100% computer geek, but what an awesome dude! I got more from those three days then in any course or training that I have attended."
Air Force

If you want to learn more about my professional background, click here to learn more. Otherwise, let’s get started - how can I help?

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On-site learning
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Out and About Defense

The best defense against non-credit ID Theft and a variety of other risks is to adopt a mindset of protection: Data Defense. Learn how to protect your information with simple and sometimes free countermeasures all based on a simple philosophy that the less people who have your information, the safer you are.

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Credit Freeze

Setting a credit report freeze is the fastest and most effective way to actually block and reduce your risk of ID Theft. And it's free.

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Federal Credit Card Liability Limit

Because of a federal law protecting you from unauthorized charges, you're better off in most cases using credit cards rather than debit cards for purchases (especially online purchases).

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RFID - Radio Frequency IDentification

One of the most risky technology when it comes to your privacy is Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID). These radio chips broadcast your identity sometimes hundreds of feet and can be found in passports, farecards, credit cards, and even some clothing.

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