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The wall of AWESOME!
1st place winner: Toastmaster's District Humorous Speech Award

Excellent presentation! Lively and informative. Would love to have him come to the site to give his presentation.

National OPSEC Conference

One of my favorite seminars. Very informative and animated.

National OPSEC Conference

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Reclaiming Your Online Identity

Somehow, hopefully not because of a bad experience, you've come to realize just how dangerous and unpleasant it is to have your whole life available online for any creep or enemy to see at all times. The big question is; what do I do about all the data that's already out there? It's often said that once online, it's out there forever, but is that always the case?

Learn from Jeremy how to find your data online like the investigators do and what steps can be taken to remove it once you DO find it.

As always, you have two options: Hire me to teach your/your family/your company or learn right here, right now.

Ready to go?

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Learn More First

Other than my dashing good looks and lightning charisma, you can get a great deal of the same information for free right here on my website. Job number one is making us all safer after all:

Talk Outline

Subject to change without notification of course.
  1. Why privacy is important to your future (in brief)
  2. Find your data
  3. Remove your data
  4. Drown out the bad data that's left
  5. Protect it in the future
"Jeremy presented the topic on a personnel level. He speaks from experience and has vast knowledge on his subject. He does not speak down to the audience nor does he assume that we should know what he is presenting. "
National OPSEC Conference

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How To Hunt Someone Like A Dog On the Internet

Learn where your information may be found by learning the techniques pros use to find people.

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Data Removal

Tips for removing your data from the Internet

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Reputation Management

Just because there are things out there about you that are out of your control and are unflattering or worse, doesn't mean you're powerless.

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