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Agifta – Family Gift Registry

Agifta Family Gift Registry

Have you ever wanted to give a thoughtful gift, but couldn't think of a good one? Ever told someone in your family how much you love something only for them to surprise you with… the wrong one? What if you snagged the perfect gift ever for your spouse, but so did your Grandma? Ever had someone ask you what you wanted, but you couldn't think of anything? With a gift registry:

  • It's easy to add things you like on a list through the year as you think about it. Then, when someone asks what you want, just show them the list. They can pick from there or use it for ideas.
  • Friends and family can "claim" things on your list so others don't buy the same thing — all keeping it secret from you so the surprise isn't spoiled.

My family has used this site for 12 years in various forms and it's been a huge help. If you're not already using a gift registry in your family, now's a good time to try!

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Amazon and Christmas Pain

(Image is used under the Pixabay license)

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Amazon.com, but this season, it's more hate. I found the gift I'd been looking for on Amazon for about $10 cheaper than my normal favorite, Newegg.com.

However, I suppose nothing cheap comes without strings attached, not at Amazon anyway. Check out this BS:

Are you kidding me? (click for the full picture)

So not only are they saying that with more than 20 days lead time, they can't get me this item by Christmas and it's not free shipping as was promised, but there's hope! If I sign up for "AMAZON PRIME" I get not only free shipping, but it comes on time. It's only 80 FREAKING DOLLARS should I somehow forget to cancel.

Ok, so I could just sign up and cancel right away, but I shouldn't have to jump through goofy hoops just to buy something and this smacks entirely of deliberate obstacles for the sake of pushing me into their "premium service". I don't do deceptive.

For $10 more, I just kept my business at Newegg.com which has been the most consistently excellent source of electronics research and prices all while maintaining excellent customer service. Be sure to take your business there too.

Update: It's the 11th and my gift already arrived. I wonder why Newegg's free standard ground shipping managed to get me my item in less than 5 days, but somehow Amazon just couldn't do it in less than 20 unless I signed up for Amazon Prime… Hmmm…. It's a mystery.

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Nordstrom’s Deserves Respect For Fighting Christmas Creep


While complaining about the ills of society and bringing attention to stupidity and abuse are vital (and fun) activities, it is equally as important for us to band together and promote the positives by saluting those who are actually doing it right.

Today, the company that deserves our praise is Nordstrom's. Check out this sign found outside one of their stores:

Christmas creep is a problem of greed and of commercialization of holidays. It's an assault on our peace of mind and of the very few American traditions that we have. Or put simply, Christmas creep ruins Christmas. No music, no decorations, no nothing until AFTER Thanksgiving. It has always been and will always be that way in my house and I respect and support any company with the guts to keep to the same policy.

Nordstrom's, for today at least, you are my friend.

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