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4th Amendment Summary by the EFF

Can you refuse search or not? It would be good to know your rights.
(Image is in the Public Domain)

You can't use rights you don't know about or don't understand. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has posted a summary of your 4th amendment rights to deny the government permission to search you or your belongings (digital or otherwise).

It's good to know what you can and can't do since you should know that even when you've done nothing wrong, you may still get yourself into a lot of trouble if you are careless with your privacy.

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TSA Nude Scanners Coming To American Malls

You're kidding, right?



What now?

A Yahoo article says that because women's cloths sizing is hard, they're going to nude scan them to figure out what they can wear. Seriously!?

Ms. Shaw, the entrepreneur, is chief executive of a company called MyBestFit that addresses the problem. It is setting up kiosks in malls to offer a free 20-second full-body scan — a lot like the airport, minus the pat-down alternative that T.S.A. agents offer.

Lauren VanBrackle, 20, a student in Philadelphia, tried MyBestFit when she was shopping last weekend.

“I can be anywhere from a 0 at Ann Taylor to a 6 at American Eagle,” she said. “It obviously makes it difficult to shop.” This time, the scanner suggested that at American Eagle, she should try a 4 in one style and a 6 in another. Ms. VanBrackle said she tried the jeans on and was impressed: “That machine, in a 30-second scan, it tells you what to do.”

That's cute. A strip search in the name of getting something to wear? So instead of wasting millions on this disrobing plan, why not standardize women's clothing and use inch measurements like men's clothes? How's that for an idea?

How long until someone hacks these poorly protected machines to record copies of all women scanned and the photos show up on the Internet? Will you put your teenage daughters in them?

This is so, so stupid, I can't believe it's actually true. I really hope this doesn't catch on because if it does, my faith in humanity will suffer yet again.

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Child Predators Shifting to Blackmail

(Image is in the Public Domain)

It seems that online predators are getting tired of savvy kids that know better than to be lured (or they're just getting lazy/impatient). Either way, one police group is warning that predators are shifting to a strategy of blackmail instead.

As always, be aware of what your kids are doing online and know who their friends are. Make sure they know what to do when threatened by someone online.

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Challenge a Forclosure to Stay in Your Home

(Image is used under the Pixabay license)

At least one person was able to challenge a foreclosure because the bank that tried to foreclose didn't actually have the legal right to do so.

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Protect Your Privacy When Using Peer 2 Peer Downloading From The Internet

There are some cases where you might want to download software, movies, etc and it would be morally correct, but perhaps not strictly legal to do so. For example, your son plays with your only copy of a rare movie and scratches it beyond recognition. I doubt any reasonable person would disagree with you downloading and burning a replacement (if you hadn’t made a backup copy already). Anyway, I’m not going to argue the ethics of downloading here. It’s up to you to decide whether what you do online is correct and that’s why this article about protecting you downloading privacy is important. Use the tips provided to make sure that the only person making a judgement call about your online activity is you. Tags: , , , , , ,

Facebook Security Hole Exposes Private Profiles

Even if you did everything right to keep you private photos and information private, a Facebook security flaw allows people to access it anyway. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened and I’d bet that it’s far from being the last. Tags: , , , ,

More Evidence that the UK Has Lost Their Minds

Much love to my UK bretheren, but how the hell did you end up with such bad leadership?! (I know, pot, keddle and all that)… Currently they're planning to add children to the DNA database:
Home Office officials said plans to include primary school children on the DNA record would be kept 'under review'. The DNA database includes 4.5 million samples of genetic material, many taken from people who have been arrested but never charged with a crime. By next year, it is expected that 1.5 million of the samples will be from youngsters aged between ten and 18.
Bloody hell. Tags: , , ,

Fear of Internet Predation of Children Might Be Overblown

Here’s some information suggesting that fear of sexual predators online might be out of hand. According to them, it’s not that random or unavoidable. Tags: , , , , , ,

Cyberbullying Law on the Horizon?

Congress sticks their noses into a lot of things they shouldn’t and not where they should. They are corrupt, inept, and won’t do much to protect Americans unless it will make a positive affect on their careers or bank accounts. Now they’re looking at cyberbullying and it’s hard to say if that’s a good thing or not. Given their history, chances are that it’s not. Tags: , , , ,

Go to Facebook and You’ll Never Escape

The New York Times is running an article about Facebook's data retention issues. If you post to Facebook, even if you delete your account later, they keep the data available for public viewing.
It took Mr. Das about two months and several e-mail exchanges with Facebook’s customer service representatives to erase most of his information from the site, which finally occurred after he sent an e-mail threatening legal action. But even after that, a reporter was able to find Mr. Das’s empty profile on Facebook and successfully sent him an e-mail message through the network.
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