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Mozilla Firefox – Internet Browser

Free, open source alternative to IE

Since Firefox first came out, it has been hailed as being better in security and features than Internet Explorer by every person and website I know. I've been using it a while now and found it to be the case.

Most importantly, you can install plugins that improve Firefox's security and functionality. If something bugs you about the way IE works, you're stuck, but with Firefox, you can often find a modification to fix it.

Firefox Plugins

Improve your security and reduce the annoyance factor of the Internet at the same time by blocking Internet ads.
Block marketers from tracking your online activities with the Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-out plugin.
Undo the great risk of following 'shortened links' from social network sites with the Long URL Please Plugin.
Disable all Internet scripts for nearly rock-solid security online
Enable HTTPS everywhere that it's possible to do so with this simple plugin.
Remove annoying tables, graphics, or anything else to make reading easier and printing cleaner.
The Onion Router (TOR) helps you browse the web without giving away your identity to the websites you visit.

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Adblock Plus - Firefox Ad Blocker

With a simple Firefox plugin, you can block all those annoying ads you see all over the Internet.

[Click for full description]

BEEF TACO (Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out)

TACO will automatically set and protect the cookies that opt you out of online tracking by marketers.

[Click for full description]

Long URL Please - Firefox Plugin for Link Safety

Undo the danger of "URL shortening services" by adding this cool plugin to Firefox. Optionally learn the tricks to preview URLs before visiting if you don't use Firefox.

[Click for full description]


Use Noscript to block scripts on every site except the ones you actually trust.

[Click for full description]

HTTPS Everywhere

Web companies sacrifice your security for their wallets by leaving HTTPS protection off. Use this plugin to turn it back on by default (where available).

[Click for full description]

Nuke Anything - Stop Wasting Ink By Printing Stuff You Don't Want

With a simple Firefox plugin, you can remove any object from a webpage that you can see. This can make the pages easier to read, but also save money when printing.

[Click for full description]

The Onion Router (TOR)

Using the TOR network, you can prevent websites from knowing who you are.

[Click for full description]