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Shigeru Miyamoto – Creator of Nintendo – Asks Your Opinion

(Image is in the Public Domain)

Shigeru Miyamoto asks in Yahoo's answer service, "How old were you when you first heard of Nintendo and what does it mean to you?".

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Nintendo to Look into “Remote Destruction”

Eventually, they just upgraded the strap to prevent breakage.
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Gamasutra reports that Nintendo is looking into possible solutions for the accidental destruction of TVs or nearby items/people when players in America get a little too excited when playing and accidentally throw the remote.

The article quotes Ninetendo execs as having considered ways to prevent people from getting so excited or by making a special glove people could wear. Apparently they haven't thought that strengthening the wrist strap and putting a small amount of rubber gripping on the edges of the remote where it's held would likely fix the problem just fine. For an extra measure, put rubber edge protectors on the four corners of the front of the remote so if it did fly, it would be less likely to damage anything.

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