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Enemy of the State

Enemy Of The State
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Will Smith, who has done nothing wrong, accidentally winds up in possession of proof of crimes by a powerful person in the government. To recover the evidence, the "big bad" deems Smith a national threat and the NSA hunts him with advanced surveillance such as public cameras, debit card access logs, and tracking devices.

This movie speaks to the power of vast data and monitoring systems and how a very small handful of people can target and destroy anyone using these systems. While these threats are mostly theoretical at this point, it's important to make sure that government capabilities are limited and accountability strict.

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House Lets Surveillance Law Expire

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Good for them! They have more guts than the senate at least. Let's hope they're smart enough to block any bills that have retro-active immunity as well. Bush of course, did not take the news well and accused them of being terrorist supporters as usual:

“Our intelligence professionals are working day and night to keep us safe, ? Mr. Bush said, “and they’re waiting to see whether Congress will give them the tools they need to succeed or tie their hands by failing to act. ?
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