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I, Jeremy Duffy, actually recommend and think is worth checking out.
No web-bugs, no bs, just a legit recommmendation that I have personally evaluated before allowing it to be listed here:

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Advertising Policy

Why I don't use ads

It is my view that there are no ads on this site. If I point you to a bookstore, an online service, or something else that wants your money, it's because I personally support that site or product. For example, every book and movie review on my site is also a clickable link to a site where you can buy said book or movie. They are not random ads, they are focused reviews that happen to have a time saving link to buy them (which will indeed pay me a percentage if you end up buying it after clicking my link).

These are not ads, these are actual recommendations. Keep in mind that I will not recommend a product or service that I haven't tried or at least determines through research is a good value. And, of course, if my opinion changes, that product will be removed.

If you like my philosophy and want to support it (proving to the world that they don't have to manipulate and badger you to earn your business), then please consider donating or buying something from one of my recommended products or web services. For me to get credit, you will have to click the links I provide so please consider doing so.

Why I Hate Ads and Why You Should Too

I doubt I have to convince you of how annoying ads can be, but here they are just in case:

Pop-ups and flash ads
Random annoying ads
Flash ad that takes over the whole page if you accidentally hover over it
Click a link, see a full page ad before the link will load

Why no Google ads or Banner services?

The ads are mixed with the content

You'll also notice no "Google Adwords" or "Ads by Google" on my page. Why not? Yes it's true that as far as ads go, Google is pretty unobtrusive and not that annoying, but many people get confused about what's page content and what's a Google ad. More importantly, I can't control the content of the ads so they will often be for things I don't like. For example, on my page about ID Theft, ads for credit monitoring (which I absolutely do not support!) show up.

As for banner services, they generally show ads that are annoying, deceptive, completely irrelevant and they have been proven to track you with web bugs and cookies. Even worse, ad services can be a vehicle for Cross Site Scripting. There is no way I'm going to allow that kind of nonsense on this site!

Supporting The Geek Professor

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Cross Site Scripting

Cross Site Scripting or XSS is a nasty exploit that hackers can use to steal your login information or direct your bank account to transfer money to them automatically and all you have to do is view a webpage for it to happen.

Continue for tips for defending yourself

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