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Computer Security and Kids

When a kid sees this deadly warning, most will just click ''yes'' or ''OK'' or anything else that will get the game installed

Keep separate accounts on your computer for you and your kids!

The main point here is that a kid that has administrator privileges on a computer will be able to install and uninstall whatever they want. When they see a "neat" online game, they can just download and run it without any concern for whether it's infested with spyware or viruses.

By giving them only a "limited" user account, any install of a program or major change to the security settings of the machine will require your input thus giving you a chance to exert your parental influence. For example, you might not want your 8 year old to try the demo version of Manhunt.

Besides the security issues, having separate user logins for each member of the family makes it possible for each person to have their own background picture, sound effects, and icons. This is a lifesaver for the parent who just doesn't want a Star Wars or My Little Pony background picture and can't ever seem to find their document among the massive desktop shortcuts to games and chat sites.

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Having a conversation in public place is usually safe because people won't necessarily hear you or care what you say. When when you speak online in Chat, Instant Messaging, Forums, and Internet Forums, everything can change.
It might be fun to post information online about your thoughts or feelings, but that can come back to bite you.
Your kids are probably downloading music and movies. Be sure you handle the risks before it's too late!
Make sure you limit the damage your kids can do to your computer.

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