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Presidential Privacy Board Clears The President of Wrong-Doing

George W. Bush
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In a move that's sure to shock every child under the age of 6, Bush's privacy board cleared him of any privacy invasion.

Civil liberties groups who've advocated that the board be separated from the executive branch and given real subpoena power are unlikely to be satisfied with the board's findings. Congressional Democrats have already expressed disdain for the new report, and they're moving to strengthen the board's oversight capabilities.
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Mac vs. PC ads. Security Commercial Hits the Mark

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Apple is laughing all the way to the bank with the release of Vista. In their recent ad campaign, you see two people where one represents a Mac and the other a PC. One of the more accurate ones describes the new security "features" of Vista that prevents you from doing nearly anything without constant warnings and dialogue boxes. It may be tounge-in-cheek, but it's pretty close to the reality.

It's stuff like this that make people turn off security features just so they can get work done.

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