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$12 Million Settlement Against Lifelock for Deceptive Advertising

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I'm not surprised about the fine, just that it took this long. Of course, they'll just shrug it off and any other lawsuit so long as they make more money than they spend.

Sadly, by the time someone actually shuts Lifelock down (if ever), the people responsible for it will be so rich that it won't make any difference. But until then, we can feel a little happier knowing that there are some organizations that are making them pay for their dishonesty; although 12 million dollars is less than one month of Lifelock's income on their almost 2 million reported customers.

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3 Comments to “$12 Million Settlement Against Lifelock for Deceptive Advertising”

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Jeremy -We would all be better off if we could work together to get ahead of today’s tech savvy criminals. LifeLock’s current services include an array of sophisticated technology that consumers do not have access to when trying to protect their data and identity.

This media frenzy is focusing on their old services, old marketing and frankly, it’s old news.

Sadly, I think that your continued attacks against LifeLock, a competitor of those that sponsor/advertise your special interests (since you are clearly connected to Opt-out-detetectives) continues to greatly harm consumers and this industry. We need to pull together—not apart—if we are going to defeat the real criminals. I for one am disappointed that some in this industry continue to lash out at each other -as opposed to working together.

    After having looked at your site and reading your article, I have to wonder if you’re really qualified to debate me on Identity Theft issues. Anyone who could support a shady corporation like Lifelock and talk down credit freezes (which actually do PREVENT credit-based ID theft) certainly has a lot to answer for.

    If you think you can make a case for any ID theft prevention service being worth the money, you are welcome to try, but I suggest you do some homework first:


    Oh, and that bit about hinting my motivations for attacking Lifelock might be related to my affiliation with Opt Out Detectives (which actually occurred LONG after I started hating Lifelock and ONLY after thoroughly evaluating the Opt-out-detectives service personally) is not just a little rude.

    If you’re not just trolling around and would like to make a valid point, perhaps you should refrain from baseless insults in the future.

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