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DuckDuckGo – New Search Engine Choice or Dud?

(Image is in the Public Domain)

Every now and then, there's a new search engine released that tries to play with the big boys, but they often fail. Usually its because of speed, maybe financial backing, sometimes user interface, but most often because they don't do the job well.

So here's one that may be worth some attention. Like Google, they focus on keeping very minimal and having a nice interface. But unlike Google, they make an effort to help you find what you are actually looking for:

They also include some summary information right in the search making it possible to skip visiting the site at all if you don't need to or at least getting a better feel for what the site is about before going. And according to their About page, they store NO personal information (which has long been a complaint of mine about Google).

So far, they're doing a lot right, but with Google having just released HTTPS for searches, the competition is even stiffer. I wish them luck.

Check them out yourself here.

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2 Comments to “DuckDuckGo – New Search Engine Choice or Dud?”

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Hi, thx for the nice write-up! I’m the founder, and I of course agree the competition is stiff :). Please let me know if you have any more feedback.

    Well neato! Here goes: Add image search. Add advanced search like site: inurl: etc. Those are things Google does well.

    I know you can’t add https yet, but keep in in mind for someday ๐Ÿ™‚

    Otherwise, I’ll be trying out your site for a while since I’ve had a few people tell me that they were able to find better results with you than with Google.

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