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Final Fantasy 15 – A beautifully rendered disappointment

Final Fantasy XV - PlayStation 4: Square Enix LLC: Video Games
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For full disclosure, FFX and 7 were my favorites, 9 and 12 were decent, 13 was barely playable, and 8 was my least favorite. If that lineup doesn't match yours, my review may not mean much to you. Fair warning

Final Fantasy XV is, at it heart, "A Jpop Band Tours Yosemite national park". You spend essentially the entire time driving and running back and forth, back and forth almost endlessly through the same terrain and areas. Yes, if you follow the main story over everything else, you see some neat maps and enemies, but the majorty of it is repetitive and far more "80 hours in a car with your family on summer vacation" than actual fantasy.

There's almost no sense of discovery because the game is completely open and you can pretty much see everything from the very start (and have to criss-cross it endlessly because of it – very much like FF8). Combat is moderately interesting, but I never felt like I was building power and capability like what made FF13 finally interesting (and most other FF games of course). As someone who likes to perfect characters and unlock new skills and powers, this game felt like you were only in control of the main character and the rest were pets that you could sometimes switch to when you got bored of Broody-mc-popstar's endlessly repetitive battle style.

The game honestly felt flat and dull. When something really interesting actually happens, you're left wondering why and maybe a little excited to find out, but you're locked out of most of the map and are stuck on a luge heading for the games highly mediocre ending. I guess what I'm really trying to say is that you could get about as much enjoyment from the game by watching other people play it on Youtube for a few weeks as you would from actually playing.

I can see that the Steam version has had some major updates (prominently displayed flying car) which is clearly their attempt to polish a turd. If you think that's good enough (or if the price is so cheap, it's worth it to you to find out for yourself) go for it. Otherwise, there are far, far better games to play.

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