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Facebook Safety

Facebook is the most popular social networking site around and it seems to be a deserved popularity. It provides excellent socializing tools, games, and file sharing abilities.

However, it has also become a huge target of scammers, phishing, and privacy leaks (the curse of being popular I suppose). Not only that, but people embarass themselves and worse because they don't understand or use the privacy controls properly (and sometimes even when they do).

Read through this guide to learn some of the bad things that can happen to you and how to prevent it as much as you can.

Privacy Settings

Learn how to Group Your Friends so you can have better control over who sees what.
Protecting your Facebook Pics - How to separate make sure only the right people see the right photos.
Make sure your profile is restricted by viewing your profile as others would see it.

Security Settings

Facebook doesn't provide you with secure login unless you use this simple trick.


To learn just how easy it is to have your personal information found by others when not secured properly, check out Openbook.
Reclaim Privacy is a simple open-source tool that will check your Facebook privacy settings and let you know if they're set wrong.

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