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See How Others See You (on Facebook At Least)

So as I'm learning how to use this goofy site that everyone seems so attached to, I'm also learning some of the neat tricks you can use to protect yourself. Today's victory was the "See how a friend sees your profile".

Not surprisingly, as time goes on, Facebook changes this and makes it harder to find. I don't have time for a full update at this time, but as of Feb 2012, go to Account Settings and click the link on the left for "Your profile" (it's small and hard to see, but it's there). Then on the upper right side of the screen you'll see the Veiw as option.

The old way

If you go to Account > Privacy Settings > Customize Settings , you'll see a list of all your privacy settings and who can see what on your page. But up at the very top, you see a buttons labeled "Preview my Profile". Click that and you'll see what your profile looks like. At the top, enter the name of one of your friends to see your page as if you were them.

In privacy settings, find CUSTOMIZE SETTINGS
At the top of the page, enter a friend's name

This is very helpful if you want to be selective about who sees what particularly if you take my recommendation to group your friends. You might want to be sure that your obligation-friends can't see what your real friends can see.

Privacy Settings

Learn how to Group Your Friends so you can have better control over who sees what.
Protecting your Facebook Pics - How to separate make sure only the right people see the right photos.
Make sure your profile is restricted by viewing your profile as others would see it.

Security Settings

Facebook doesn't provide you with secure login unless you use this simple trick.


To learn just how easy it is to have your personal information found by others when not secured properly, check out Openbook.
Reclaim Privacy is a simple open-source tool that will check your Facebook privacy settings and let you know if they're set wrong.

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14 Comments to “See How Others See You (on Facebook At Least)”

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This seems to have disappeared! Any other way we can do this?

Refer to your page: http://www.thegeekprofessor.com/guides/facebook/see-how-others-see-you-on-facebook-at-least/

What is the NEW way? Facebook moved it.

Thank you!

Apparently they’ve moved it again. These people just can’t make up their mind what to call things — and when they change their mind, they don’t update their documentation.

Try going to your TIMELINE, and then clicking ACTIVITY LOG, and then VIEW AS …

    I think Facebook believes it’s in their best interest to keep people as ignorant and exposed as possible.

    I don’t see anything that says ‘view as’. Where can this be found?

      Just view your profile. There’s a button on the upper right that says “View As”

      Its so hard to work out how to do the most simple things on fb. I give up. Its crazy that something so hard to use has become so popular. All I want to do is view my page as others do and after wasting about an hour I still don’t know. Stupid fb!

Hi, It came to my attention that other friends on f.b. can see the comments I am posting to a page! I do NOT want this! They are appearing in newsfeed and ticker! I searched f.b. help and it says to “control the privacy of who can see them” but does not show you how to do that. It shows you how to control the privacy of your profile and your own status updates but not what I am trying to figure out!

    The best thing to do is use one Facebook account for commenting on pages and in communities and another for family and friends. Any activities you don’t want shared, you do in your new FB account.

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See How Others See You (on Facebook At Least)

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