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The Five Love Languages

Does this sound familiar? Married person X comes home to Spouse X and hands them a gift with a grin. Spouse X looks in disgust at the gift, and says "What is this? How much did it cost? You know we can't afford to waste money!" Sad isn't it? This is a love language problem where one expresses affection through gifts and the other very obviously doesn't.

If that didn't sound familiar, what about these phrases:

A: You never spend any time with me!
B: I work hard to provide for you and the family, but all you do is complain!

A: Will you cuddle with me?
B: Why do you always have to be so clingy?

A: I made your favorite dinner tonight!
B: That's great, now let me finish this last e-mail.

Reading this book was quite literally life-changing for me. It's one of those things that divides your life into before and after:

The key is that without this knowledge, you may feel you've done everything in the world to make someone feel special and appreciated, but they don't because you're just speaking the wrong language! To learn more, click the book's pic above.

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