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Here's something that

I, Jeremy Duffy, actually recommend and think is worth checking out.
No web-bugs, no bs, just a legit recommmendation that I have personally evaluated before allowing it to be listed here:

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Thinkgeek – Cool Tech Toys and Geek Gear

ThinkGeek Geek Merch

I have to confess, I was really thrilled when I found out that Thinkgeek had an affiliate program. Thinkgeek is one of those really great sites that takes just one thing and does it really well. In their case, they sell geek and techno toys, shirts, and gadgets.

Check out these shirts!

Note that these are just samples of the kind of thing Thinkgeek sells, but items may go in and out of production! PLEASE don't give me grief if Thinkgeek doesn't have these particular items anymore by the time you go looking for them!

Dr. Who
It's black
Sunlight! AAAA!
I have this ๐Ÿ™‚
Got Power?
Only sometimes

How cool is that!? And of course they have many many more. If you're not the t-shirt kind, they have TONS of neat computer toys instead:

Air Bazooka
USB Drink Warmer/Cooler
External DVD+HD+Card Reader
Foot Switch to Hide Windows
Net Cam
Lighted Mousepad with 4-Port USB Hub

And not just those. They have some really neat generic toys for around the house and for your cubicle at work. Be sure to check them out

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