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Head of FTC Has Conflict of Interest in Google/Doubleclick Merger

Warning! Warning! You have found a RANT. Articles in this section are sounding boards for my frustrations. They usually (more like always) lack impartiality and may include arguments and "facts" that may not be supported.

With time I may calm down and make this a real article, but for now, you have been warned...

Deborah Platt-Majores, who I think of an incompetent failure due to her work on the Presidentially decreed ID Theft Taskforce has shown herself to more on the dishonest rather than the incompetent side. Though she has a clear conflict of interest in the upcoming Google/Doubleclick merger evaluation (her husband works for the lawfirm that represents them), she has refused to recluse herself while at the same time, evidence of the law firms involvement with Doubleclick has been "mysteriously disappearing" from their website. But, of course, no matter how obviously wrong this is, nothing will be done about it because of the legacy of non-accountability set by Bush. Thanks Bush! You've really been an inspiration to all the greedy, self-serving a-holes who'd sell out all the little people for a little more power and money. Tags: , ,

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