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Palin the Porker

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Today I found an article about how several of McCain's "objectionable" earmarks over the last few years belonged to a town in Alaska who's mayor was none other than Palin herself. Ouch.

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Tough Voting Ahead

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There's still no way in Hades that I'll ever vote for McCain, but Obama has been sorely disappointing recently. First he voted for Telco immunity despite his promises to filibuster any such attempt. Now Republicans have cleverly used web technology to alert them (and us) to changes on his website. Specifically to the pages that list his policies.

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If You’re Sad to See Bush Go, Vote McCain!

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McCain, like Bush would support warrantless wiretaps and telco immunity.

The Article II citation is key, since it refers to President Bush's longstanding arguments that the president has nearly unlimited powers during a time of war. The administration's analysis went so far as to say the Fourth Amendment did not apply inside the United States in the fight against terrorism, in one legal opinion from 2001.
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