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Bush Reaches Highest Disapproval Rating in History

George W. Bush
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I should hope so. I would like to think this is the worst it will ever be. Tags: ,

Scathing Review of The Bush Years

George W. Bush
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Brilliantly written though not just a little depressing.
And although the president now understands—or so he says—that we must begin to wean ourselves from oil and coal, we have on his watch become more deeply dependent on both.
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President Can Decide Who Is Enemy – Hold Them Without Trial Forever

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Public Citizen reports:

A new law enacted last fall denies a fair hearing or hardly any hope of release to those confined at Guantanamo naval base, and to other non-citizens labeled

Public Citizen has a web petition going here.

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Tommy Thompson – May Run For President

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Katherine Albrecht, the world's leading RFID privacy expert and co-author of the book Spychips - How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID writes:

Former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson is considering a run for president in 2008…

As head of Health of Health and Human Services, Thompson oversaw the scandal-ridden FDA when it approved the VeriChip as a medical device. Shortly after leaving his cabinet post, he joined the board of the VeriChip Corporation and wasted no time in using his clout to promote the company's glass encapsulated RFID tags.

These tags are injected into human flesh to uniquely number and identify people. He also suggested implanting military personnel with the chips to replace dog tags.

Thompson has an option on more than 150,000 shares of VeriChip stock. Right now those options aren't worth much. Security flaws and public squeamishness have hurt the company's sales, resulting in losses of millions of dollars.

Even if he remains chip-free as we hope, the American people should still be wary of him.

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