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I, Jeremy Duffy, actually recommend and think is worth checking out.
No web-bugs, no bs, just a legit recommmendation that I have personally evaluated before allowing it to be listed here:

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Bug Me Not – Login Avoidance Tool

Avoid logins entirely with Bug Me Not!

This website is very cool. It's a consolidated list of user name and passwords for common websites and services. This gives you the ability to log in without giving up your precious information.

This is particularly useful for sites that promise not to use your information and don't require a fee for access. If those two conditions are true, then they don't need your info anyway! So you might as well not waste the time filling it in.

The key is that you don't really want an account, you just need one-time access to something and figure you'll probably never come back. Give it a try, but use it responsibly. I have never, and never plan to use it for sites that require a fee for access (which by bug-me-not policy aren't posted anyway)

Internet Tools

IP Checker - Shows your IP address and other information that your browser tells us about you.
10 Minute Mail - A web-based temporary e-mail account for recieving validation e-mails.
BugMeNot - Don't even bother using the fake mail to get an account if you can bypass the login entirely.
The Internet Archive - A project that attempts to record every version of every website ever.

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IP and HTML Headers Check

Use this page to show and learn how to limit the various data about you that your browser supplies to every page you visit.

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10 Minute Mail - Self Destructing E-mail Service

One way of protecting your e-mail is to not give it out. That can be hard when it seems everyone asks for you to validate e-mails sent to your account. That's where a self destructing e-mail account comes in handy!

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Bug Me Not - Login Avoidance Tool

For sites the require registration, but don't really need it, save time and see if someone has left a common-use login and password at BugMeNot

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The Internet Archive

If you want to see what the Internet used to be, use the archive.

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