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The Gift of Fear

Ever had a "gut feeling". Have you ever felt irrationally afraid of a person or a place? What if you learned that fear is a protective mechanism and that paying attention to it could save your life or the lives of your loved ones?

This book is all about intuition (though they call it fear). He doesn't offer any apologies, no theology, or theories, just the simple fact that intuition, whatever it is, exists. And if you pay attention to it, you can prevent some bad, bad things.

My favorite example from the book (paraphrased):

Say you're waiting for the elevator and when the door opens, there's a single man inside. For no reason that you can identify, you feel suddenly very afraid to get in the elevator. "That's stupid", you say to yourself. "I have no reason to be afraid of this person. I'm just being irrational."

Which makes more sense? To get into a sound-proof metal box with a stranger who makes you feel fear, or to wait for the next elevator and risk offending said stranger?

Learn why fear is valuable to protect your personal safety and that of the ones you love.

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