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City in Montana Demands Your Login Details to be Hired

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This is so wrong, I barely know what to say. I sure hope this trend doesn't start to catch on, because a lot of people would give up the information when they're pressured instead of doing the right thing and refusing.

"Please list any and all, current personal or business websites, web pages or memberships on any Internet-based chat rooms, social clubs or forums, to include, but not limited to: Facebook, Google, Yahoo, YouTube.com, MySpace, etc." the form reads. But Bozeman isn't simply interested in finding out where to look for potentially embarrassing personal details; the city wants full disclosure, since the form demands username and password information for each.

This is way worse than all those sickening social networking sites asking for your e-mail address password.


Here is the contact information for the relevant people in the city if you want to ask them why they thought this would be a good idea. And just in case someone were to change the form, here's a copy of the original found on their website:
This is for real... they actually expect you to give up your account details!
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Viral Videos Replacing Ads, Generate Interest

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There are some companies that seem to be making videos for YouTube that don't specifically mention any products, but feature the products prominently none-the-less. At least one person has noticed the trend and reported on it in at least two videos, one that has already been proven to be an ad and the other only just released.

Obviously the new ad has the same goals as the old: to market a product without actually naming it, by appealing to the public's love of Internet stunt videos.

I don't really have a problem with this. They're getting attention for the product with legitimate interesting videos. Whether a pro company made it or not, the stunts are pretty interesting and people are watching it for that. Assuming they're not trying to give the impression that these are amateur videos anyway.

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Scientific Misinformation Spread Through Youtube

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A study recently reported that Youtube contains many videos that contradict mainstream science, but get better ratings than the ones that are scientifically correct. We all love a conspiracy, but try to remember not to believe everything you see on the Internet.

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Youtube to Share Ad Revenue with Video Posters?

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This should encourage people to post more videos. Of course, it will encourage people to download a video and repost it as their own (as happens already). But it's the thought that counts. Of course, it would be better if they share the revenue from the page ads shown around the video instead of adding a stupid ad to the front of any video you try to play.

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